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With Our Managed Services, we become an extension of your business, acting as your virtual IT department. We manage everything about your existing IT environment from our remote monitoring facility. There are no extra costs when issues arise. In fact, we’ll do our best to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently at all times!

With Managed Services you’ll receive:

Best in class tools – for asset management, monitoring, remote control, service requests, and configuration management.
Round the clock maintenance - we work and provide 24/7 remote and onsite maintenance.
Best practices – our Service Desk keeps your team focused and reduces downtime.
Peace of mind – from a team of experts constantly monitoring your systems, while providing security and backup/disaster recovery solutions.
Planning and strategy – with your Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) to ensure your IT needs continue to match your business needs.
Freedom – from the hassle of having to handle all vendor liaison, contracts, licensing and communication. We will gladly take care of all these details on our end.

Grand Matrix’s Managed Services help optimize your daily business functions by managing and enhancing IT resources, allowing you to focus on more important matters at hand - like growing your business!

Managed Services


Mobile Devices

Remote Support

Let Us take the reins and manage your entire organization’s computers. We’ll oversee all of the desktops, laptops and other computer devices leaving you free to run your business optimally. We’ll maintain your hardware, software, security, administer user permissions and maintain application access protocol.

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What we Do

Our Server Management allows for business peace of mind. We conduct the daily management of your server(s) and monitor them 24/7/365. This provides your business convenient, accessible performance of your business-critical server(s)..

We Are Your Virtual IT Department


Our comprehensive approach to Mobile Device Management ensures that businesses see a reduction in costs and an increase in security. Mobile devices allow the line to narrow between personal and company data, thus increasing the need to maintain your company’s control of rules and configurations to enhance security.


Since 2011, we have provided IT support to companies in Alberta, freeing up our clients to focus on the success of their business. The fact is, most people only really think about IT when something goes wrong. At Grand Matrix Consulting, we are thinking about IT all the time. Our goal is to work with our clients to strategically plan on how to get real returns from their technology investments and avoid costly downtimes.

We are proud to be a truly Alberta IT company and have taken strides to provide our services inside Alberta and other areas in North America. No matter where you are, we are able to help service your IT needs. We offer big time IT solutions with a local, community appeal.


Welcome to Grand Matrix Consulting Inc.



Most IT providers work to a reactionary model, fixing problems when they occur. Our founders envisioned a more preemptive approach, anticipating issues before they happen to avoid the cost of downtime that comes with systems repair. That leadership philosophy filters down to every person that works at Grand Matrix Consulting. We encourage a culture of proactive support.

The Grand Matrix family consists of an energetic global group that feeds on the success of the other. Embracing our collaborative environment allows everyone’s personalities to come through – from our in-house comedian, adventure fanatics, gadget guys and self-professed foodies, we never seem to have a dull day. 


We protects your network securely by controlling the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined set of rules and protect your businesses assets against security threats whether it be from the simple irritation of spam, Spyware and Adware to more devastating threats from hackers, viruses, worms and or corporate sabotage. 


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At Grand Matrix Consulting,  we’re all about making things easier for our clients. Whether it’s about improving communications, reducing costs, or eliminating worries, we’ve got a number of products and unique solutions that we can implement to make your business run smoother.

Get everything you’d expect from an IT department without the IT department. Like a good team member, we’re here to support you. We focus on all your IT needs and support your team so you can focus on taking care of your business. Whether it’s ensuring technology costs are predictable, avoiding unexpected problems or communicating more efficiently, Grand Matrix Consulting has a unique solution for your business.

We offer a comprehensive range of IT solutions, including:

  • Managed Services
  • Complete IT Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Desktop Management
  • Server Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Backup & Disaster Solutions
  • VoIP
  • Microsoft Office 365

We’ve bundled our most popular services to ensure that your business gets the most complete solution. We focus on the IT process, so we’re not just treating IT symptoms, but getting to the root of problems. This allows your business to have the technology needed for maximum success.Welcome to the Grand Matrix Consulting Inc. parts department. We make parts research and purchasing quick and easy. If you have any questions at all, our friendly team of replacement parts experts are just a phone call away. Genuine parts, personal service, same day shipping and the industry's best products.